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29 Minute Card Counting E-Book by Ben & Colin

Image of 29 Minute Card Counting E-Book by Ben & Colin


From the Blackjack Apprenticeship comes the 29 Minute Card Counting E-Book! Learn the Fundamentals of Card Counting from
the Pros in just under 30 Minutes! Written by Ben & Colin from Holy Rollers.

There are a million books on Blackjack out there. Some of them are good, many of them are worthless. Many people come to us who have ready some really poor advice from books on Card Counting. Even if you get a good one, you could spend countless hours pouring over chart after chart of data without getting a proper grasp on the What/How/Why of card counting. We’ve read the books for you, we’ve played thousands of hours and mastered the skill of training people how to beat blackjack from the ground up. We believe this is the best starting point for anyone interested in card counting as a hobby, an investment, or as a profession.